What’s on the Farm?

Aside from the sheer love of it, I went into farming to make money.  As I said, not a red cent has shown up in my pocket to offset the enormous investment made so far. Then again, grit and tenacity dictate that one sticks it out a little longer before they throw in the towel!

My dream at the onset had been to have vegetables and fruits on the farm, and an apiary to cater for my love of honey, but also to have the bees pollinate the fruit trees.  I have not gotten round to the apiary yet though I think I should.

Much as life ends in a spectacular and disturbing fashion on a farm, there are times life springs with such energy and verve it leaves you filled with awe!

After the six chicks died, we hatched a total of 67 chicks.  All alive! I guess the human mothers were not so inept after all.

3 week old chicks. Hatched 35, all still alive
Day old chick

Max’s babies turned into adorable balls of floof! And they bark.  At the ripe old age of 6 weeks. We are now weaning them off their mother’s milk.  They got their first vaccination shots and hated it.  Who likes jabs anyway?

Luna is still on the patio doing a good job of keeping those Apache helicopters away from me!  Perhaps one day I shall give her a medal of honor for her service to cowards like me. 

After the maize was eaten by the squirrel posse, we replanted maize on the same lot of land.  It has sprouted with so much vigor I am amazed.  My farm that looked like a golf course is now neat and clean with rows of beans and green grams standing at attention like little obedient soldiers.

Beans – Yellow Beans Variety
Green Grams
Sunflowers and Green Grams – with my proud farm manager in the background

The vegetables make my soul sing for joy!  Fat round cabbages surrounded by leafy Sukuma wiki and spinach.  Juicy tomatoes ripening on the vine.  Birds Eye chili that the birds are constantly keeping an eye on.  Waiting for them to ripen so they can eat them.  Onion plants untouched by thrips and already forming bulbs. 

Spraying Birds eye chili for healthy flowers

For the first time ever, we have mangoes on the farm.  I had planted some five or so trees to test the waters, and they have responded rather positively with the most delicious juicy mangoes I have ever tasted!

My first Mangoes

Of Course the usual shenanigans are still ongoing.  Nala (aka Houdini) recently recruited Max and they tried to escape.  They tunneled out of the first fence and found that I had double fenced the homestead.  They promptly tunneled right back.  My farm manager found them playing next to the two tunnels they had created, pretending this was just a game and not an escape attempt!  Tsk!

If I sound content and happy, it is because I am.  The sight of life returning with such vibrance is worth every cent I have not made out of this farm. I am learning that I enjoy peace, solitude and my own company.  I am learning to appreciate the little things in life. Being completely broke has done that to me. I am learning that a home cooked meal shared with family, friends and farm hands, can be as delicious as five-star dining, all because one is at peace.  I have learnt that I enjoy the feel of soil between my toes! I enjoy the smell of soil, especially when rubbed between my fingers.  Manicured of course!  I enjoy the soothing sound of the cows lowing as they come home from a day spent in the pasture, accompanied by the characteristic bleating of goats!  The sounds of birds singing lullabies to their little ones as they bed down in their nests at dusk!  They end the day with songs different from those they sing to welcome the day at dawn.

I have confirmed that I am wholly, truly and completely a farm girl!

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